Why you need to get travel insurance for your lads’ holiday

You’ve finally got around to organising your lads’ holiday to Europe and here we are telling you to sort out yet another thing- insurance. Yeah, it’s not as much fun as planning the essential lads’ holiday pranks or tracking down some red shorts for the Baywatch Beach Party BUT it could save you a mega amount of grief on your lads’ trip.

From one of the lads getting sunburnt ‘cos he passed out on the sun-loungers after getting in from the clubs and didn’t wake up until afternoon, to another of your mates going for the crowd dive at the boat party and doing his back in. Truth is, stuff can happen on your lads’ holiday. They might be small things like a dodgy stomach (mainlining the kebabs and booze was always going to catch up with you at some point), sunstroke or something more serious like a fall or injury. It’s always a good idea to sort out your travel insurance before you head off on your lads’ holiday. Whilst Britain is part of the EU, the EHIC entitles you to free or reduced cost emergency treatment at state run hospitals within the EU. The EHIC is only for medical emergencies though and not everything would be covered. Do the sensible thing and get some travel insurance arranged before you step onto the plane. It could be the best £20 you ever spent!