Sunny Beach

Destination: With a long party season, cheap drinks and food, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is flying up the ranks as a top lads’ holiday destination. Groups of lads and lasses from across Europe have been flocking to Sunny Beach for a while now for their party breaks, and UK lads and girls are getting in on it too. On the Sunny Beach Strip located on Flower Street, you’ll find hundreds of bars and clubs to choose from like Den Glade Viking (aka DGV or The Viking) and Room2. The Viking Beach Bar and Beach Bar Mania are right on the beach and the venues for lads’ holiday must-have events like the Sunny Beach Full Moon Party and Sunny Beach Live. If you surface whilst the sun is still up, take your weary body down to the beach or challenge the lads on the Sunny Beach karting track. Good beaches, bars, clubs and events, Sunny Beach has everything you and the boys need for your European lads’ holiday. 

Holidays: If you and the lads want to be in Sunny Beach this summer, then you’ll need to track down some cheap flights to Bourgas, Bulgaria. Simple enough to do. Then get yourself a package with Party Hard Travel for your hotel and get your Essential Events Package chucked in for free. It’s the most hassle free way of booking your boys’ holiday. If you really want to save money, make your lads’ trip to Sunny Beach in late May, early September or even June. Peak months are July and August.  

Hotels: Sunny Beach is such good value for your lads’ break, you can afford to treat yourself a bit! 4 star all-inclusive for you and the lads? Wouldn’t say no! Here are our 3 top picks for lads’ holiday hotels in Sunny Beach.

1) Diamond Hotel. If we had to sum up the Diamond Hotel in two words it’d be ‘affordable luxury’. About 5 minutes’ walk from the bars and 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, you’ve got a pool and bar. And did we mention it’s all-inclusive?

2) Grand Hotel. Right on the beach this one and right near the essentials too- the main bars of Sunny Beach. Another 4 star all-inclusive, grub won’t be a problem on your lads’ break with buffet breakfast, poolside snack bar, pub and even room service for when you can’t even make it downstairs without a full English!

3) Zornitsa Hotel. With a 24 hour reception, restaurant, large pool area and just 100m from the beach, the Zornitsa is an affordable Sunny Beach hotel choice for your lads’ break.

Event calendar:

Sunny Beach Live Sunday
Full Moon Party Friday
Party Square Bar Crawl Saturday

Event package: There’s a new tried a tested formula for your lads’ holiday to Sunny Beach: the hotel + events package. Party Hard Travel offer a free Essential Events Package when you book your holiday to Sunny Beach for the boys. You’ll get access to the Full Moon Party, UV Glow Party, plus a gold VIP wristband for free entry into The Viking all week! Make the upgrade to the Ultimate Events Package and you and the lads will be going to Sunny Beach Live and get a club night at Room2 with all night free bar- that’s the stuff!


1) Sunny Beach Live. The venue is Beach Bar Mania, the night is Sunday and you and the lads are filling your boots at the 30 minute free bar at Sunny Beach Live. A proper lads’ holiday event with the DJ blasting the summer tunes and loads of up for it lads and girls letting the party spill right out onto the sand.

2) Full Moon Party. Get yourself down to the Viking Beach Bar for a night you’ll never remember! Free 1 litre bucket of booze to start the night off and a 30 minute free bar. You’ll be well up for going onto The Viking club after that.

3) Party Square Bar Crawl. 5 shots lined up with your name on them and a 30 minute free bar are just the openers for the legendary Sunny Beach Party Square Bar Crawl. Yeah, you’ll have to crawl after all that drinking!