Zante Strip Guide 2020

You and the lads are off to Zante for your party holiday. What happens in Zante stays in Zante, but of course you’ve get to get there first. Planning the holiday is probably the part that requires the most effort, but once that’s done its plain sailing. Once you get there you’ll be spending most of your time on the Zante strip – day and night, it’ll soon become your second home. And seeing as though you’ll be spending most of your time (and money) there you’re going to want to know a bit more about the strip before you get there, and we don’t blame you lads. We’ve got all the info you need to know here.

The main strip in Zante is just one long road so there’s no need to worry about not being able to find anything, if you’re on this road you can’t go wrong. Plus, the road isn’t hard to find, the lights can be seen from miles off, literally. The whole road is about 3km long with most of the nightlife being in the bottom 1km or so. The resort itself is known as Laganas – handy info to know when you’re on your transfer from the airport or getting a taxi and they ask you where you’re going, make sure you say Laganas. Zante is literally the name of the whole Island.

Where is the Zante Strip?
The strip in Zante is in a resort called Laganas. When you’re planning your holiday make sure you look for hotels in Laganas. Zante itself is an Island that has many different areas to visit – you don’t want to end up being on the other side of the Island, so make sure you get somewhere in Laganas. Check where your hotel is on maps too, to see how far it is from the strip. Top tip, you can put into maps ‘Kalamaki Road’. This is one of the side roads just off the strip where the nightlife starts, this’ll tell you how far your hotel is from the nightlife point of the strip.

The Laganas strip is only about a 10-15 mins drive from the airport if going direct, and taxis are only around 20 Euros. So if your booking doesn’t come with a transfer, if you’ve booked your hotel and flights separately for example then it doesn’t matter too much. There are always taxis outside the airport, it’s a short drive and if you split the cost it’s proper cheap. If your holiday comes packaged with transfers then not to worry just jump on that. It may take a little longer depending on the stops, but it’s not that far from the airport so you’re probably looking at about half an hour max!
If you arrive late at night that’s no bother either. Everything will still be open and you’ll still be able to get to your hotel from the airport. You’ll probably see the lights of the strip as you fly into Zante airport it’s that close. Once you’re in Laganas don’t worry about getting lost, everything is lit up and all on one road, so unless you’re that one friend who manages the impossible, you’ll be fine.

Zante Strip Map

Zante Street View

The Zante Strip by Day
Let’s face it lads you haven’t been planning a trip to Zante for the daytime excursions, yes there are things to do in the day too, but obviously your main goal is to hit the strip at night and get plastered, correct? If you are planning on getting out of bed at any point during the day then take a read of this section, if not then just skip on to the bit that you come for… Zante by night… we won’t blame you.

Most of the clubs and bars will be closed during the day, getting ready for the big night ahead, but the restaurants, shops and beach bars etc will all be open so you can get that big plate of grub to sort out your hangovers. Water sports, go karting, mini golf, escape rooms – these are just some of the things you can do in the day to pass the time before the night ahead. Take a look at our top things to do in Zante here

There’s no denying that you and the lads will go hard in Zante at night. So if you’re wanting to just chill then head down to your hotel pool or even down to the beach at the bottom of the strip, where you’ll also find beach bars and restaurants. You’ll definitely need to get something in you to line your stomachs. Hangovers usually go one of two ways, you’ll either be a bottomless pit and nothing you eat can fill you up, or you’ll have one of those hangover where even the thought of food makes you want to chunder, either way you’ll have to force something down you, so take a look at some of our top Zante restaurants below.

Restaurants on the Zante Strip

The restaurants on the strip have a lot to offer and they are your typical holiday style restaurant. Where the portions are absolutely huge, everything comes with a kilo of chips or rice and you can get your meals for around 10 Euros. Holiday food really is great.

Sirocco Restaurant on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Sirocco is a Mexican restaurant in the the middle of the strip next to the biggest pre-drinks bar, Fishbowl. With our Discount Wristband, you’ll get free garlic bread and a shot with whatever you order!

Players Zante


Players – Players is a sports bar on Kalamaki Road. This is the place to come for the ultimate hangover breakfast. Any big game that’ll be on whilst you’re out there. Players will no doubt be playing it.

Per-Heaven Restaurant on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Peri-Heaven is literally Zante’s Nandos. Arguably better than the one we’re all used to back home – ok well maybe we won’t go that far, but if you and the lads are after something cheeky, then look no further.

The Zante Strip by Night
Here we go then lads, this is the main bit of info you came for. What sort of bars are there? What sort of clubs? How many clubs? The questions go on and on. But don’t worry, hopefully after having a little gander at this useful info here you won’t have as many questions left and you’ll just be buzzing for your holiday. The strip will come alive at night, and before you know it you’ll be walking down the strip, lights and music from all angles and people shouting deals in your face trying to get you into the bar. A bit of advice from us to you – listen to what they have to offer, you’ll end up saving yourselves money and getting better deals than if you just went to the bar yourself. Start at the top near Kalamaki Road and make your way down to the clubs at the bottom.

There’s penalty shoot-outs for your chance to impress the lads and that girl you’ve been chatting to, bars, clubs, food places, shops, all you could need for a good night out, all in one place. So get your best shorts and t-shirts on, slick that hair back and you’re ready to hit the strip lads. Don’t forget your Gucci belts too. Take a look at some of the top bars and clubs in Zante here.

Bars on the Zante Strip

Sugar Bar on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


The Sugar Lounge is the place to start night. If there’s football on this place is going to be rammed!

Three Lions Bar on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas

Three Lions

At Three Lions you’ll only be getting served the best standard, top-shelf drinks. Don’t go too hard or you’ll never make it to the club.

Fire breathing performer outside Fishbowl on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Fishbowl is like the ‘pre-club’ of Zante. With award winning bar-flair staff and top summer anthems, you’ll be here most nights guaranteed. Get the lads to all chip in and get yourselves a huge fishbowl to start pres right.

Clubs on the Zante Strip

Rescue Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Rescue Club is Zante’s biggest super-club. With a capacity of over 2000, and it being central to the strip, Rescue is home to some of the best events in Zante.

Zeros Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Zeros Club is just next door to Rescue and it too has a capacity of over 2000 party goers. Home to the Foam Party and Total Karnage, you’ll be here a few nights of your holiday no doubt!

Sizzle Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas

Sizzle Club

Sizzle is a smaller club further down the strip and home to some of the craziest events the Island has to offer. Expect big things from Sizzle.

Hotels near the Zante Strip

If you’re organising the holiday for the lads, you better do some research as there are a lot of hotels in the Zante area and of course, some are farther away from the nightlife than others. The closer you are to the action then you’ll probably end up paying a bit more for your hotel. If you’re a little farther out then you’ll be saving a few pennies. So it depends what you’d prefer, to save some money if you don’t mind a walk or just go full whack in the centre of it all and figure out the affordability later.

Here are a list of some popular hotels in the heart of it all:
Zante Plaza
Mon Repos

If you book your holiday or even just the hotel through Party Hard Travel (with link) you’ll get their Essential Events Package worth over £100 included too. Check them out for their holidays and/or hotel deals. Most of the more popular hotels tend to sell out quite quickly, especially for the months of July and August, to avoid the lads being disappointed with you get your deal secured early, that’ll also give you more time to pay off your holiday too.
This next bit is important information for when you get to your hotel, so read it properly, and then read it again. Most hotels in Zante will charge a Tourist Tax, this is the same across most hotels in Europe, so don’t kick off when you get to the hotel reception and you have to pay tax, don’t be that person, it’s not a lot. It’s usually charged per room, not per person and is not usually more than 5 euros a night, so split the cost between you and the lads and it’s nothing really. This must be paid in cash. It’s also normal in most party hotels for them to ask for a returnable deposit when checking in. This is usually between 30-50 euros PER PERSON. You can get this back after checking out and if everything is alright with your room. So if you want to have some money to spend in the airport whilst you’re waiting for you flight back then just don’t trash the room, simple.