Malia Strip Guide 2020

Right lads so you’re planning your holiday to Malia, and what’s the most important bit of information you want to know? That’s of course THE STRIP. After all everything happens on this one road. The absolute scenes on the strip will have you buzzing for your Malia holiday. At the top you’ll find your restaurants and shops for the day, nothing better than a bit of holiday grub and a lemon Fanta in the sun. As you make your way down you’ll start hitting the bars and then more importantly the clubs. At the other end at the bottom, there’s some more restaurants and shops and then the beach. So it doesn’t really matter too much which end your hotel is at, you’ll still get the best of both worlds. Most hotels are close to the strip anyway, so you don’t have to worry about long drunken walks holding up that one mate who can’t handle it. Even the hotels that are a little further out in the old town are only about a 10 min walk.
The whole strip in all its glory is about 2km long and is packed with everything the lads need for a belter of a holiday. You got Joe who likes house, John who likes bassline and then Simon who likes the cheesy classics, what a mix, Malia has something for all – even for the Simon’s of the world. Take a walk down the strip on your first night, try out the bars, have a drink in each one and see which one really gets your interest, you’ll get to know the places you like for pres! Have a read through this page here to get all the info you need on the Malia strip.

Where is the Malia Strip?
If you even have to ask that question it’s probably best that you give the planning the holiday duty to someone else in the group. The Malia strip is located in Malia, obviously, in the Heraklion area of Crete. As mentioned before most of the hotels in Malia are close to the strip, maximum about 10 minutes’ walk, so as long as you book a hotel in Malia you and the lads will be fine. Just don’t accidentally book your hotel in any of the neighbouring towns, sounds stupid but trust us, it can easily happen. Check your hotel on maps before booking is your best bet.

The airport you’ll be flying into is Heraklion airport. Malia is about a 45 minute drive from the airport if going direct. If you have a transfer sorted with your holiday then you’ll be straight on the coach after your flight and your holiday begins. Just a heads up, transfers may take a little longer than 45 minutes depending on the amount of stops. If you haven’t got a transfer sorted or if you and the lads just want to get to Malia as quickly as possible ready to hit the strip then you can also get taxis from outside the airport. Taxis are usually at a fixed cost of around 50-60 euros so if you’re in a group of 4 you can split this. Or there is a third option for the lads who want to save a bit of money. If your flight arrives in the day there’s a bus that goes from just outside the airport all the way to Malia, it’s about 6 euros per person but again will take a little longer.

Malia Strip Map

Malia Strip Street View

The Malia Strip by Day
You’re going to be going heavy in the night time aren’t you lads? So if you even manage to see much of the day there is some useful info here, if you plan on sleeping for most of it, in your room or by the pool, then we don’t blame you if you want to skip this part and head straight to the nightlife info.
The strip has plenty to do in the day too and will completely different to how you remember it from the night before (or not remember it). There’s go karting, shopping opportunities for those 100% authentic tees, mini golf, trip to the waterpark and more, all available to get from the strip. Most of the focus on the strip in the daytime will be on restaurants and shops, and of course you’ve got the beach to chill or even do some water sports if your stomach can handle it. For more info you can check out the top things to do in Malia here.
Speaking of restaurants you’re obviously going to want to get some food to keep the hangover at bay. Holiday food is where it’s at. Don’t you just love it when you go abroad and everything comes on huge plates with enough chips to feed the whole group for about 10 Euros? Malia definitely doesn’t skimp on the portion sizes. Take a look at some of the popular restaurants below.

Restaurants on the Malia Strip

George & Dragon

George and Dragon is right at the top of the strip and the home to your welcome meetings and a lot of other pre party meeting points. As such you’ll get a discount here all week! Their menu has everything you could possibly want and is very reasonably priced. Oh, and any big games you’re wanting to watch whilst you’re away, they will definitely show it here

The Bull

If you’re wanting the best steak on the strip, this is definitely the place to go. This grill house is perfect for meat lovers.

Red Lion

Red Lion is your home from home comfort food type of place. With pub classics and homestyle cooking you can’t go wrong.


Avli is located on a road just opposite the top of the main strip. This is your go-to if you’re looking for a more classic Greek dining experience. Everything is cooked fresh to order with traditional Greek ingredients.

The Malia Strip by Night
Here we go lads, this is what you’re really wanting to know about. The nightlife. After all this is what you have booked a party holiday for. You’ll be spending most of your night (and your money) on the strip. You’ll be wanting to know all the goings on, what’s what, the best places to go to and what sort of thing you can expect from Malia. There’s no point doing endless searches on Facebook trying to find out details of each place individually, just have a read of this, we got you covered lads.

Start your night at the top of the strip. This is where most of the bars are located. Perfect for starting pres before heading to the big clubs to spend the night in towards the other end of the strip. Find out which bars you and the lads like the most and make sure you visit there a few times in the week for pres. If you find a bar you like and head back there often it’s likely that the staff there will give you good deals for showing your loyalty, so it pays off. Another top tip from us to you is to listen to the staff outside the bars trying to get you in. You’ll see groups of people running around them and trying to avoid them but in our opinion this is not the right move. The staff outside will get you better deals than the bar staff can give you, it’s their job to entice you in so listen to what they offer and save yourselves some money. Another one of our top tips is to watch the road at night as it doesn’t close to traffic like some other places, so there could be cars or bikes coming down the road at any minute. Don’t be the person who thinks they’re invincible and can take on a moving car, just move out the road.

Take a look at some of the best bars and clubs Malia has to offer below.

Bars on the Malia Strip


Havana is your first stop at the top of the strip. Dancing on the bar, shots all around, and the best in European dance music, honestly give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

Street Bar

The home of the only beer pong tables in Malia. No pre-drinks are complete without a game of beer pong. Get a jug of beer in and start your night off right.

Pop! – There’s always one in the group who loves a bit of Whitney, Britney and Little Mix, don’t lie.


Boys this is the place to get that standing and looking stern pic for Instagram.


Official pre-party bar for Apollo and brand new for 2020.

Bar B – Going to Malia Live at Candy Club? Great, this is your pre-bar for your Wednesdays at Candy. Watch from across the road as the doors for Candy open and the production begins. Candy never fails to put on a show each and every Wednesday.

Clubs on the Malia Strip

Lux Club – Brand new club opening for 2020. Watch this space!


Apollo is Malia’s only RnB, Grime and Urban club and is guaranteed to be busy!

Zig Zag Club

House head? Zig Zag. Nothing more to say. If you like two-stepping to house music, then this is the place for you.


Candy hosts some of the biggest name in the current charts and never falls short of an amazing night out! The queues to get into the club reflect that. So, make sure you get down there early to avoid queues.

Hotels near the Malia Strip
If you’re organising the holiday for the lads, you better do some research as there are a lot of hotels in the Malia area that offer different things. The closer you are to the action then you’ll probably end up paying a bit more for your hotel. If you’re a little farther out then you’ll be saving a few pennies. So it depends what you’d prefer, to save some money if you don’t mind a walk or just go full whack in the centre of it all and figure out the affordability later.
Here are a list of some popular hotels in the heart of it all:

Aegean Sky
Prima Vera
Here’s a list of some popular hotels about 10 minutes’ walk away:
Happy Days
Newcastle Studios
Real Palace

If you book your holiday or even just the hotel through Party Hard Travel (with link) you’ll get their Essential Events Package worth over £100 included too. Check them out for their holidays and/or hotel deals. Most of the more popular hotels tend to sell out quite quickly, especially for the months of July and August, to avoid the lads being disappointed with you get your deal secured early, that’ll also give you more time to pay off your holiday too.
This next bit is important information for when you get to your hotel, so read it properly, and then read it again. Most hotels in Malia will charge a Tourist Tax, this is the same across most hotels in Europe, so don’t kick off when you get to the hotel reception and you have to pay tax, don’t be that person, it’s not a lot. It’s usually charged per room, not per person and is not usually more than 5 euros a night, so split the cost between you and the lads and it’s nothing really. This must be paid in cash. It’s also normal in most party hotels for them to ask for a returnable deposit when checking in. This is usually between 30-50 euros PER PERSON. You can get this back after checking out and if everything is alright with your room. So if you want to have some money to spend in the airport whilst you’re waiting for you flight back then just don’t trash the room, simple.