Magaluf Strip Guide 2020

Maga – f*****g – luf. The home of the party holiday! This is where it all began, for years groups of stags and hens and others party have been going here to party for a whole week and now you want to get in on it, we don’t blame you. Maga has been getting it right for years and attracts thousands and thousands of people every summer. And if you’re tasked with sorting out the Maga holiday for the lads then you better get it right, no pressure.
So the strip in Maga is definitely where you’ll be spending most of your time so you’ll be wanting to know the ins and outs, what it has to offer etc so we got you covered. Karaoke, whacky performers, and a slingshot ride, whatever you can think of, you’ll find it on the strip.
The Magaluf strip is on a hill so make sure you’re not skipping leg day lads whilst you’re training for that holiday bod. Once you’ve had a few sips of magaluf rocket fuel you’ll be marching up and down the strip anyway, no problem. The strip is about half a kilometre and full of clubs and bars on either side as well as side roads packed with little bars and food places too. You’ll definitely find somewhere perfect for you and the lads.

Where is the Magaluf Strip?
If this was a question on who wants to be a millionaire even Charles Ingram wouldn’t even need help from the audience on this one. The Magaluf strip is in Magaluf on the west side of Majorca. It’s about a 30 – 40 minute direct drive from the airport, Palma. You can get taxis from outside the airport for about 50 Euros, or if your holiday comes with a transfer then just hop on that. But bear in mind transfers will probably take a little longer depending on the amount of stops. The strip in Maga does close to traffic during the night time, that’s great for when you’re out and about you don’t have the extra worry of being hit by a European driver, but just bear in mind that if you arrive late in the night then your transfer/taxi may have to drop you off a short walk from your hotel, so make sure you have battery on your phone to get the maps out.

The strip runs just opposite the beach, with lots of beach bars etc in the area too. Perfect for sitting and relaxing in the sun all day, what more could you ask for from a holiday? There are also some food places and one of the biggest clubs in Magaluf located just a few roads down from the strip. It’s on one of the biggest main roads in the area so you definitely won’t miss it, the roads called Avinguda de l’Olivera (bet you don’t remember that).

Magaluf Strip Map

Magaluf Street View

Magaluf Strip by Day
We won’t lie to you lads, the Maga vodka is pretty lethal, it will leave you with a hangover. So don’t be planning to get up early every day because we can guarantee you won’t stick to it. But if you are going to be getting up and looking for things to do then there are plenty of things to do in Magaluf during the day too. There’s waterparks and more attractions in the neighbouring town of Palma, or there’s go-karting, mini-golfing, shopping and more to be done in Maga itself. You can check out the top things to do in Magaluf here.
There’s no doubt that at least one of the “lads” will be feeling a bit fragile and won’t be up for doing anything, so there’s always the beach as well as the hotel pools. There’s also plenty of places to get some food at the beach and surrounding areas to settle the stomach. A little tip from us to you, a lot of the shops in Maga that sell things like your cigarettes, water and other necessities tend to close quite early, usually around 7 or 8pm. So make sure you get everything you need before that.

Take a look at some of our hangover-curing spots (ie restaurants) below.

Restaurants in Magaluf

There are places to eat in Magaluf literally everywhere, and there will be a little something for everyone. And even if you are the fussiest of eaters they also have the likes of McDonalds, KFC and Burger King so at least if you’re stuck you can stick to what you know.


BlackBeards is on the beach front right at the centre. One of the only BBQ Beach restaurant in Magaluf, if you’re looking for a meaty grill to sink your teeth into then get down there and get them gains in.

Thai Pan

Thai Pan is home to Magalufs’ Asian food. Available to sit in or takeaway! What doesn’t cure a hangover like Chinese food?

Plaza Emporiyum

If you are in a large group that al fancy something different to eat then look no further than this place. It literally has something for everyone all in one place. Thai, sushi, steaks and other grills, fish and chips, kebabs, Italian, you name it.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is in the top 10 restaurants in Magaluf on trip advisor. So if you’re looking for something nice, this is your place. They do a range of different cuisines including your authentic Mediterranean, as well as some of your home comfort classics.


If you’re looking for great value for money then look no further. Enjoy some holiday classics with great portion sizes and even better prices.

The Magaluf Strip by Night
Here we go then lads, the info you really want to see, what are the bars and clubs like? Maga will be completely different in the night time, groups of stags and hens in an array of costumes, people stumbling into tattoo parlours to make bad life choices, midgets playing bongo drums, it literally all happens in Maga.

Bars on the Magaluf Strip


Mambos terrace is one of Magaluf’s biggest outside bar venue with performances and shows and a great atmosphere each and every night. They also have HD screens ready to pull out when the sports are on in the day time.


Alex’s is one of Magalufs’ longest running bars. They’ve been operating year after year for the past 25 years so they must be doing something right.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is always busy and the atmosphere is buzzing all evening!


If you love to get up and do the Macarena and dance to other popular cheesy songs in a busy place, then this open terrace venue is the place to be. Get practising your dance moves.


Take our Magaluf reps’ word for it. Stereo does the best frozen daiquiri on the strip, with a few flavours to choose from, but the passionfruit one is the best! Or if you’re not into that cocktail muck then they do great deals on spirits and bottles too.  

Clubs on the Magaluf Strip


BCM is the biggest club in Magaluf and is located on the main road just off the strip. It’s also in the top 10 largest clubs in Europe and hosts some of the biggest DJs in the world!


Brand new for 2020! We’ve heard big things are coming, make sure you check it out on your 2020 holiday.


The MCP pass (included in the Ultimate events package) grants you access to 5 clubs in Magaluf – Tokio Joes, Carwash, Bananas, Boomerang, Honey

Hotels near the Magaluf Strip

If you’re organising the holiday for the lads, you better do some research as there are a lot of hotels in the Magaluf area and of course, some are farther away from the nightlife than others. The closer you are to the action then you’ll probably end up paying a bit more for your hotel. If you’re a little farther out then you’ll be saving a few pennies. So it depends what you’d prefer, to save some money if you don’t mind a walk or just go full whack in the centre of it all and figure out the affordability later.

Here are a list of some popular hotels in the heart of it all:
BH Mallorca
BH Mallorca Apartments
Bellevue Vistanova
Club B
Sol Wavehouse
HM Martinique
If you book your holiday or even just the hotel through Party Hard Travel (with link) you’ll get their Essential Events Package worth over £100 included too. Check them out for their holidays and/or hotel deals. Most of the more popular hotels tend to sell out quite quickly, especially for the months of July and August, to avoid the lads being disappointed with you get your deal secured early, that’ll also give you more time to pay off your holiday too.
This next bit is important information for when you get to your hotel, so read it properly, and then read it again. Most hotels in Magaluf will charge a Tourist Tax, this is the same across most hotels in Europe, so don’t kick off when you get to the hotel reception and you have to pay tax, don’t be that person, it’s not a lot. It’s usually charged per room, not per person and is not usually more than 5 euros a night, so split the cost between you and the lads and it’s nothing really. This must be paid in cash. It’s also normal in most party hotels for them to ask for a returnable deposit when checking in. This is usually between 30-50 euros PER PERSON. You can get this back after checking out and if everything is alright with your room. So if you want to have some money to spend in the airport whilst you’re waiting for you flight back then just don’t trash the room, simple.