Kavos Strip Guide 2020

We got all you need to know here on Lads Holiday, and this article is probably the best place to start. We’ll take the pain out of researching Kavos and give you all you need to know on the strip including restaurants and bars, hotel info and more importantly the nightlife.
The strip in Kavos is literally an anything goes type of place. Don’t just take our word for it lads, you’ll see for yourself once you get out there. You’ll end up falling in love with it, it’s perfect for a first lads’ holiday with many people returning each and every year. Some may consider it a sthole, but trust us, it’s a special kind of sthole that you’ll come to love.
The strips is where you’ll be spending most of your time, day and night. All the goings on happen on the strip so make sure you get something booked close. All the shops, restaurants, clubs and bars are all on the one road, with the beach running adjacent to it, so if you stick to this road, you literally cannot get lost. The strip is around 2km long and packed full of things to do, you’ll easily get to know your favourite places, most of them will be wherever has the best deals or the place one of the lads wants to go to every night to chirps someone behind the bar. Have a read of this useful info for all you need to know.
Where is the Kavos Strip?
The resort of Kavos is locate in Corfu, so if you’re doing holiday searches, if Kavos doesn’t come up at first then you’ll have to search for Corfu and then refine your search to the area of Kavos. When doing your search make sure you check the maps for how far away your hotel is, because there are some that can be quite a walk away. They may be a little cheaper if they’re further out but it depends if you and the lads want to end up doing a full on commute each and every night.
Kavos is about an hours’ drive from Corfu airport if going direct. If your holiday comes with transfers then you’re all sorted, just be prepared that the transfer journey may take longer than an hour if there are a lot of stops. If you haven’t got transfers sorted don’t worry there are a couple of options for you. Corfu airport has a transfer company at the airport where you can book yourself on a coach (depending on the time of day you land) for about 15-20 euros per person. Or if you’re in a group of 4 for example you can get a taxi and split the fare. You’ll get direct to your hotel and it’ll definitely be quicker. This will cost you about 20-25 euros per person (4 people to a taxi).

Arriving late at night isn’t a problem, the strip doesn’t close to traffic so you’ll still be able to get to your hotel, and you’ll see the Kavos strip in full glory as your coach comes in.

Kavos Strip Map

Kavos Strip Street View

The Kavos Strip by Day
If you’re planning on getting out of bed at any point in the day and seeing what the Kavos strip has to offer in the daylight it’ll look completely different to how you remember it from the night before. Bars and clubs won’t have their flashing lights and music, with people spilling out onto the streets, but restaurants and shops will be in full swing. What better way to cure a hangover then a big fat fry up, eh lads? Get yourselves some grub, chill at your hotel pool or on the beach, or even go do some water sports, if your stomach can handle it.
Kavos is pretty full on at night, so if you’re wanting to chill in the day then the beach runs right next to the strip, get a ball from a shop on the strip and have a little kick about with a few tins on the beach, hangover will be right gone after that. If you are looking to continue the day sesh then head down to Quayside Village hotel, all are welcome there (even if you’re staying somewhere else) and the atmosphere is always buzzing.

Restaurants on the Kavos Strip

Big Max’s

Located at the bottom of the strip and is great if you’re looking for value for money. Take advantage of their ANY 2 courses deal for €7. Plus, the portions are very generous here – they put the big in Big Max’s.


Sizzlers is great for your grills and meats. If you’re looking for the protein gains then hit up Sizzlers.

Penny’s – Penny’s is the place you go to when you have a fussy eater in the group, there’s always that one lad who will eat the same thing every night of their holiday. Their menu covers everything so it’s a safe shout.


The best fajitas on the strip without a doubt. Desperados offers everything you want from a Tex-Mex restaurant and is located in the middle of the strip.


Flames is located closer to the top of the strip. Their breakfasts are proper decent, and their chips are banging.

The Streakhouse

The Steakhouse again is at the top of the strip and if you’re looking for a bit more of a luxury meal at least once on your holiday, if you’ve got a bit of cash left over on your last night (fat chance) then get yourselves here for a proper decent steak.

The Kavos Strip by Night
Right, here it is lads, the reason you’re off to Kavos in the first place, and that’s the nightlife. As soon as the sun comes down the party starts and the strip will be like you’ve never seen it before. People dancing on the streets, lights and sounds coming from all angles, it will be proper mayhem. The Kavos strop doesn’t close to traffic, so just keep your wits about you and don’t get yourselves run over. If your mates are acting up in the streets too have a word with them, it’ll only be you who’s hit with the hefty medical bill if you get hit by a car.
Penalty shoot-outs, bars, clubs, places to get food, it’s all there. All you could need for a night out is all on that one road. Feeling like you’ve peaked too early? No problem, grab a quick slice of pizza on your way to the next bar and keep going. Or if you really can’t hack it then just stumble back to your hotel and do it all again the next night, the bars won’t be going anywhere. Be prepared to get some stick off the lads though if you do end up tapping out early.

You’ll get to know the best places for you and your pals to have pres once you’ve been there a night or two. One thing we would say is don’t get all pissy with the people outside the bars doing their jobs, biggest mistake. Listen to what they have to offer because they can definitely get you better deals than if you went to the bar yourself. If you’re in a big group take advantage of that too and try and get the best offers from them that you can. Take a look at some of the top rated bars below.

Bars on the Kavos Strip


This should be on your list of bars to go to for sure. DJ MadF**ker is somewhat of a celebrity in Kavos, with many people even going home with tattoos of him! The only bar in Kavos to offer beer pong too.


Just on the corner at the bottom of the strip one of the other first must-stop places before your big night. Dancing platforms and a DJ/light show round the back get in there and take advantage of the drink deals


Scorers will be your next stop after legends. It’s guaranteed to be busy! Current chart music mixed in with a little bit of scream-along classics.


Just a little bit up from scorers is Rocky’s, one of the bigger bars on the strip. But it’s still likely to be just as busy! Get yourself in and involved in the atmosphere.

42nd Street

The buzz at 42nd street can be seen all the way through the bar and even from the people spilling out onto the street. This bar is always packed.


If you’re into your cheesy classics and enjoy shouting Mr Brightside as loud as you can then make sure you give BuzzPop a visit.


Empire is your go-to bar if you like to dance to something a bit more commercial.


Snobs is the best on the strip for all things RnB, Grime and HipHop.

Clubs on the Kavos Strip

The strip in Kavos is jam-packed with bars, but when it comes to clubs there’s just the one. But this is the place to be. At the end of the night you can guarantee this is where everyone will be, making it the busiest place on the strip.


Future is the one and only club in Kavos and is where everybody ends up each and every night, so it’s definitely packed!

Hotels Near the Kavos Strip
If you’re organising the holiday for the lads, you better do some research as there are a lot of hotels in the Kavos area and of course, some are farther away from the nightlife than others. The closer you are to the action then you’ll probably end up paying a bit more for your hotel. If you’re a little farther out then you’ll be saving a few pennies. So it depends what you’d prefer, to save some money if you don’t mind a walk or just go full whack in the centre of it all and figure out the affordability later.

Here are a list of some popular hotels in the heart of it all:
Quayside Village
Olympian Village
Olive Grove
If you book your holiday or even just the hotel through Party Hard Travel (with link) you’ll get their Essential Events Package worth over £100 included too. Check them out for their holidays and/or hotel deals. Most of the more popular hotels tend to sell out quite quickly, especially for the months of July and August, to avoid the lads being disappointed with you get your deal secured early, that’ll also give you more time to pay off your holiday too.
This next bit is important information for when you get to your hotel, so read it properly, and then read it again. Most hotels in Kavos will charge a Tourist Tax, this is the same across most hotels in Europe, so don’t kick off when you get to the hotel reception and you have to pay tax, don’t be that person, it’s not a lot. It’s usually charged per room, not per person and is not usually more than 5 euros a night, so split the cost between you and the lads and it’s nothing really. This must be paid in cash. It’s also normal in most party hotels for them to ask for a returnable deposit when checking in. This is usually between 30-50 euros PER PERSON. You can get this back after checking out and if everything is alright with your room. So if you want to have some money to spend in the airport whilst you’re waiting for you flight back then just don’t trash the room, simple.