Ibiza Strip Guide 2020

Beefa! You and the lads already tried another resort and you’re looking to take it to the next level? Or you just want to jump straight into the big one, then Ibiza is definitely for you. But listen up lads, it’s not for the faint-hearted, after all Ibiza is literally the party capital of the world. Ibiza is a little bit different to some other destinations because all the clubs and venues are all in different areas, so make sure you get saving for the taxi fares! There is a strip in Ibiza which is perfect for your pres before hopping in a taxi to the next place. It’s known as the west end strip and is in the San Antonio area. This is where most of the main action happens and of course is home to the iconic Ibiza Rocks Hotel.
We’ll give you the lowdown here on what’s on the strip as well as info on all the main clubs/venues and where to find them so there’s no need to get all panicky and do endless amount of ‘research’ just to find out that taxis are everywhere in Ibiza so it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you save enough money to factor in for taxi journeys.

The strip itself is quite small, it will only take you about 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other, but it’s packed full of bars that will offer drink prices a hell of a lot lower than the big clubs, so it’s definitely worth getting a few in there before heading off. Take a look at some of our advice and top venues for Ibiza.
Where is the Ibiza Strip?
The west end strip is right in the centre of San Antonio and just a short walk from most hotels in the San Antonio including Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Let’s be honest lads you’re definitely thinking about staying there, and we don’t blame you, it’s definitely made a name for itself.
The strip and the San Antonio area in general is about half an hour from the airport. If you can’t wait to get there, freshen up and get straight out on your first night lads then definitely get a taxi from the airport, there are always taxis outside. Sometimes in busier times there are big queues for the taxis but stick with it. Or if you’ve planned your holiday out from start to finish and you’ve got transfers included then you’re all sorted. Just be aware though transfers usually do take longer depending on the amount of stops. If you do have a transfer included but want to get there quicker anyway just jump in a taxi, make sure you check how long the queue is first though because you might end up waiting longer in the queue.

Ibiza Strip Map

Ibiza Strip Street View

Ibiza by Day
If you’re not dying from the night before and manage to see the day in Ibiza then there is a lot that goes on in the day too. Give the lads a kick and tell them to get up and get out, after all some of the best events happen in the day too! If you’re staying at Ibiza Rocks Hotel you get all their legendary pool parties included in your stay, but if not then not to worry, you also get access to Ibiza Rocks Pool Party as well as O Beach Pool Party AND Pukka Up Boat Party with the Party Hard Travel Ultimate Events Package, which really is sick for Ibiza!
The main beach in San Antonio is popular too for chilling in the day, get a few tins in and soak up the sun and try and get rid of that hangover from the night before. Or even chill at your hotel pool. If you are trying to shake that hangover feeling then there is nothing better than a big plate of grub. Considering the drink prices in Ibiza, eating out is actually quite reasonably priced. So lads, if you’re after something a bit more substantial than a pot noodle on the balcony of your gaff then take a look at some of our top chosen restaurants to visit in Ibiza below.

The Ibiza Strip – The Ultimate Ibiza Nightlife Guide For 2020
Ibiza is a little bit different to some of our other resorts, in the sense that everything is dotted around here and there. There is a strip in Ibiza called west end that has bars located from top to bottom, perfect place for pres. But the clubs and other venues in Ibiza are in different areas but we’ll give you all the information on the strip and the clubs separately so you’ll know what’s going and where!

The strip known as west end is quite small itself. It only takes 5-10 mins to walk from the top to the bottom but is full of all different kind of bars so you will definitely find something for everyone. There are clubs in the surrounding area and then some that are a little further out but are definitely worth the journey. If you are going to visit the super-clubs then taxis are a must. Our top tips for taxis are share the journey if you can and always make sure you get in a registered taxi! Make sure you budget for these when holiday saving! Read on to find out more about the strip and the surrounding areas.

Where is the Ibiza Strip?
The west end strip in Ibiza is located in the San Antonia area of Ibiza. It is about 30 minutes. There are taxis outside the airport and if you are in a group you can share the cost. If your booking comes with a transfer just be aware that it might take a little longer depending on the amount of stops.

The Ibiza Strip by Day
The Ibiza strip in the day is completely different. The actual strip itself is mainly full of bars that are open at night, however the surrounding areas will have plenty to do from restaurants all the way through to boat and pool parties. Get to O beach, Ibiza Rocks, or Pukka Up Boat Party, all of which are included in the ultimate events package. Or take a walk on the beach front and try one of the many restaurants or cafes.
Or even take advantage of being away from your 9-5 by doing absolutely nothing at your hotel pool! Top up your tan under the Ibizan sun.
Take a look at some of the top restaurants/cafes around the strip area below.

Restaurants near the Ibiza Strip
There are literally hundreds of bars, restaurants or cafes around the San Antonio area to choose from, as well as your favourite takeaway places such as burger king and KFC for that post night out scran, or that early morning greasy meal to settle your stomach. Here are some of the places people rate when visiting Ibiza.

Ibiza Rocks Bar

The Ibiza Rocks bar is located on the sea front, so it’s great for when you’ve just come back from the Pukka Up Boat Party and you’re looking for something to line the stomach for the night ahead. Make sure you try their chicken pittas!

The Social

The Social is a little café that do food all day long. It’s situated just a stone throw away from Ibiza Rocks hotel and they do great breakfasts. Get there and get some food in to ease the hangover. Ask about their special pre-drink offers before events too.


Rio do food and drink throughout the day and is often busy with people chilling out and having a drink before day time events.

Street Ibiza

Street Ibiza is your quick and easy take on classic Italian food. They have a 5 star rating on trip advisor and are number 1 for Italian restaurants in the area. Make sure you check out what the buzz is about.


STK is your grill and steakhouse with an amazing atmosphere. They have performances while you eat and the food is amazing. Check it out whilst you’re there. Who doesn’t love a bit of entertainment while they’re eating?

Café Mambo

Café Mambo again is right on the beach front and is the place to be to experience the famous Ibizan sunset, people gather around there almost every evening to see the sun go down. Head down there a little bit earlier and get some food and drinks in before the sun begins to set.

Ibiza nightlife is what you really want to know about, let’s be honest. Lads if you think you’ve experienced a good club night then you’re in for a shock, nothing is quite like the clubs in Ibiza, it really is something else. The Island literally comes alive at night and there are so many different options to choose from. Hit the bars for pres, then venture to the clubs till the sun comes up – if your mates can handle it that is. Ibiza is home to some of the biggest clubs in the world, you’ve got your obvious ones like Pacha and Amnesia and also brand new places like Hi Ibiza and more. We’re going to give you a little outline on each venue below, both bars and clubs as well as outdoor venues that are a must. Lads, get your Versace shorts at the ready, you’re going to want to be booking a holiday to Ibiza with some of these mad venues and events.

Bars on the Ibiza Strip

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap to get a few drinks in before your big night out, well cheaper than the club prices anyway, then the west end strip is the best place to start your night off. Don’t forget to listen to the staff outside the bars lads, it might be a little annoying but if you listen to them you’ll definitely be getting better deals then if you just go to the bar yourself. After all, their job is try and get you into the bar. Take advantage of what drink deals they can offer you, especially if you are in a bigger group.
Soul City – Soul city on the west end strip is the bar you want to be hitting if you’re into your RnB and Urban music, the atmosphere is sick and it’s always packed!

Blackbeards’ – This British run bar is always a lively spot on the strip and always offers good drinks deals!


Soho bar often have guest DJs performing, drink deals, and is generally all round good craic. Get yourselves involved.


Linekers isn’t on the strip it’s on the beach front a couple of minutes’ walk from the west end strip but as the sun sets people flock to these bars too!


If you want a bit more of a premium bar to get on your Instagram story then Plastik is perfect. Again, it’s located just a couple of minutes’ walk from the west end..

Clubs in Ibiza

Clubs in Ibiza
Here we go then lads, this is the reason why you’ve stuck with this article to this point. You want to know about the clubs. As mentioned before there’s no one main area for clubs, they’re all here there and everywhere in Ibiza. A lot of the clubs run bus services from certain pick up points, but if you’ve saved up and got money to spend you can get taxis, they’re always about.


Pacha is one of the biggest names in the world and nights there do not disappoint. Home to The Masquerade with DJ Claptone this cannot be missed.


Do Ibiza Kevin and Perry style! Amnesia is probably on most people’s agenda when it comes to clubs in Ibiza. Home to Together, Abode and Elrow.


Eden is in the San Antionia area, right near the beach front and a short wobble from the west end strip. Home to WNDRLND, a truly trippy experience.

Hi Ibiza

Only been on the scene since 2017 but this club has made a huge name for itself competing with the already established clubs like Amnesia and Pacha.

Zoo Project

Not a club but the event known as Zoo Project is something the lads have to see. Hosted in an abandoned zoo (Benimussa Park) every Sunday. Three different arenas and an underground club, anything goes.

Hotels near the San Antonio Area
If you’re organising the holiday for the lads, you better do some research as there are a lot of hotels in Ibiza and of course, some are farther away from the nightlife than others. The closer you are to the action then you’ll probably end up paying a bit more for your hotel. If you’re a little farther out then you’ll be saving a few pennies. So it depends what you’d prefer, to save some money if you don’t mind a walk or just go full whack in the centre of it all and figure out the affordability later.
Here are a list of some popular hotels in the San Antonio areal:
Ibiza Rocks Hotel
THB Ocean Beach
Azuline Sunshine Pacific
The Red Hotel
If you book your holiday or even just the hotel through Party Hard Travel (with link) you’ll get their Essential Events Package worth over £100 included too. Check them out for their holidays and/or hotel deals. Most of the more popular hotels tend to sell out quite quickly, especially for the months of July and August, to avoid the lads being disappointed with you, get your deal secured early, that’ll also give you more time to pay off your holiday too.
This next bit is important information for when you get to your hotel, so read it properly, and then read it again. Most hotels in Ibiza will charge a Tourist Tax, this is the same across most hotels in Europe, so don’t kick off when you get to the hotel reception and you have to pay tax, don’t be that person, it’s not a lot. It’s usually charged per room, not per person and is not usually more than 5 euros a night, so split the cost between you and the lads and it’s nothing really. This must be paid in cash. It’s also normal in most party hotels for them to ask for a returnable deposit when checking in. This is usually between 30-50 euros PER PERSON. You can get this back after checking out and if everything is alright with your room. So if you want to have some money to spend in the airport whilst you’re waiting for you flight back then just don’t trash the room, simple.