5 reasons to book an events package for your lads’ holiday

Do you really need to book an events package before you go on your lads’ trip? Er, yes! Unless, that is, you want to be that group of lads drowning your sorrows in Kevin’s Karaoke Bar whilst everyone else is partying at the resort’s best events and club nights. Trust us, we’ve been there and done it, and nothing tastes quite as bad as regret. Here are the top 5 reasons to book an events package for your lads’ holiday.

1) It’ll save you money. Booking events out in resort is the equivalent of buying a parachute when you’re about to jump out of a plane. You’re a captive audience and the touts in resort can charge you what they want. And let’s face it, if it’s a choice between another night at Kevin’s or wiping out your bank account to get a pass into the action, you know what you’ll be doing. Booking an events package means your events are sorted before you leave, so you only need spends.

2) You won’t miss out. The boat parties, the pool parties, the club nights…fact is, every event you and the lads want to be at on your lads’ holiday has a capacity. Once all the tickets are sold out, they’re sold out and no amount of you begging or flashing your Capital One card are gonna get you in.

3) Get the best events lined up. You might be an expert at where to go for a night out round yours but on your lads’ holiday, there is so much more choice. Go to an expert like Party Hard Travel. They’ve done the hard work and created events packages that have the summer’s hottest events in Europe included. You can see what the line-up is for DJs and artists right across the season at events like Malia Live, Ibiza Rocks, BCL and more- and get booked up. Simple.

4) Save time. Do you really want to be wasting precious drinking time knocking on doors trying to track down event tickets on your lads’ holiday? Nah, you want to be sinking a few daytime beers and getting revved up for the night ahead. When you have your events package booked, you don’t need to waste a minute.

5) You can budget. It’s tricky to know how much cash you’ll need on your lads’ holiday. It’s even trickier when you don’t know how much events will cost you out in resort. With an events package, that’s all taken care of. So no more roaming The Strip with wads of cash weighing you down, you can carry just enough Euros for the night’s drinking and work out exactly how much you’ll need for your lads’ break.

Do yourself a favour and check out Party Hard Travel for your events packages.