5 body area to beef up for your lads’ holiday

Puny pecs and barely there biceps just aren’t going to cut it on your lads’ holiday. You want to be drawing cheeky little side stares and backward glances for the right reasons and that means putting in the work down at the gym. Like today. And regularly a few times a week until your holiday. If you want to beef up the right way, here are the 5 body areas to focus on.

1) Biceps. When you’re down The Strip with your best shirt on, it’s your biceps that’ll be making the introductions. You can work your biceps with the classic moves like the barbell curl where you hold the weight with your palms up and curl upwards. To really boost muscle growth, work your biceps alongside a triceps move like the triceps bench press where you put your legs on one bench and your fingers gripping the side of the bench behind you, lowering down using your triceps.

2) Chest. Every guy wants better pecs and never more so than when they’re on their lads’ holiday, where stripping off at Ibiza Rocks and down at the pool is the order of the day. Get working your chest with classic chest moves like the dumbbell bench press, pushing each dumbbell upwards into the air and back again in a controlled movement.

3) Abs. If there’s ever a time for your 6 pack to make an appearance, your lads’ holiday is it…and we don’t mean the Heineken variety! Get your abs looking toned with some strong abs moves that target different areas of your abs like leg raises (lower abs), heel touches (obliques and upper abs) and the plank (upper and lower abs).

4) Forearms. Whatever you’re doing on your lads’ holiday, those forearms are going to be on show so make sure you’re getting them into your training plan with a move like the wrist curl. Use the dumbbell and slowly curl the wrist upwards with palms facing downwards. Then do the same move but with your palms facing upwards.

5) Legs. Don’t be one of those lads that just focuses on their upper body and does no training whatsoever on legs. In fact, training on your legs gives you more stability and helps your upper body weight training. So it’s a win-win. Train your quads with plenty of squats with added weight. And don’t forget your calves. There are loads of pieces of kit in the gym to help with beefing up your calves. That Mr Baywatch Pool Party crown is 100% yours pal!