Destination: Decreed by many as the ultimate lads’ holiday destination, Magaluf has one of the most infamous party scenes in all of Europe! The Punta Balena Strip, aka The Strip, will be your second home on your lads’ break to Maga, filled to the rafters with over 100 bars and everything from karaoke and sports bars to R&B and cocktail places. You’ll be wanting a gander at BCM, Magaluf’s superclub, but Magaluf is also keeping up with the event revolution that is sweeping across Europe with events like the Sunset Booze Cruise, Full Moon Party and MCP Zoo Party. Bringing some gloss and the celebs to Magaluf is the BH Mallorca Hotel with the world’s first adults only waterpark, and there are new for 2019 events like Gringos. In Magaluf you can get the best of the new with the traditional lads’ holiday favourites.

Holidays: Organising your lads’ break to Magaluf is easier than you think. Definitely easier than that bench press you were trying to pull off at the gym this morning! For a start, cheap flights into Palma, Majorca are easy to find from most regional and main UK airports. You can make it even easier on yourself by booking a package that includes your hotel and events, then all you need to sort is your spends! Party Hard Travel give you a free Essential Events Package when you book a boys’ break to Magaluf- and they can help with large bookings too so if ALL the lads want to come to Maga this year then it’s not a problem.

Hotels: For most lads off on a lads’ holiday to Magaluf, they want a hotel that’s close to the action, friendly and that has a good vibe. That’s what our 3 top hotel picks in Magaluf are all about- not too far from The Strip, not too far from the beach, and not too shabby either!

1) BH Mallorca. The BH Mallorca has a waterpark right in the middle of the hotel. Adults only you understand, so some proper fun to be had here. Plus 2 other pools banging out the tunes, and all-inclusive food during peak season, this is the easy choice party hotel in Magaluf for you and the lads.

2) Club B. Our second favourite phrase next to ‘all night free bar’ has to be ‘all-inclusive buffet’, and at Club B, the sister hotel to BH Mallorca you can indulge in more ways than one. Right next door to the famous BCM, Club B is 10 minutes’ walk from the beach and you can also use all of the facilities of BH Mallorca.

3) BelleVue Vistanova. A bit quieter than our other two picks, BelleVue is stylish, clean and comfortable. Resident DJ/musician 3 x per week and a chilled out vibe.

Events Calendar:

Sunset Booze Cruise Wednesday / Saturday
BCM Superclub Night Day TBC
BH Pool Party (6 Hour Free Bar) Day TBC
Full Moon Party Sunday
Gringos Monday
MCP Zoo Party – 6 hour free bar  

Events Package: Don’t do the typical lads’ holiday thing of leaving everything to chance and scrambling around when you get to Magaluf to try and book onto the best events. It’ll all be booked up mate. Instead, book your events package before you go and you’ll have a proper itinerary of events for your Maga break. Book your hotel with Party Hard Travel and they’ll include an Essential Events Package for free with Full Moon Party, White Party and BH Pool Party included for free. You’ll be pleased you did! They also offer upgrades to the Ultimate Events Package for events like the Sunset Booze Cruise and the BCM Superclub Night.


1) Sunset Booze Cruise. Meet at Lineker’s Bar (you know the one!) for the Sunset Booze Cruise that is packed with bad behaviour. And if that’s not enough incentive, the free bar serving beer and sangria should swing it!

2) BCM Superclub Night. You cannot come to Magaluf with the lads and miss BCM Planet Dance. You just can’t. This is where you’ll see the biggest name DJs like Tiësto.

3) BH Pool Party. This is what lads’ holidays are made of- 6 hours free bar at arguably the best party hotel in all of Magaluf.

4) Full Moon Party. When Magaluf does a Full Moon Party, it really does it. The obligatory shots, buckets of booze and fire-breathers, and yeah, a full moon (or at least a moon!).

5) Gringos. Bingo Magaluf style with shots, drinking games and a whole load of mischief.

6) MCP Zoo Party.