Destination: The Greek resorts have taken over as lads’ holiday destinations over the last few years and Kavos is right up there with the major players. It’s not as big as some party resorts but as Kavos still pulls in the major name DJs, has a banging Strip to sate your appetite and enough bars to keep you interested, it’s a no brainer for you and the lads. Events in Kavos are full on. You’re gonna be blasted with paint, covered in powder, sprayed with Champagne and chucking back the drinks like a good ‘un. Like everything else in Kavos, the hotels here have adapted to the party scene, so there’s a hotel in Kavos with your name on it! Kavos has its own superclub, Future Club, and this is where the big names like Artful Dodger and Danny Howard can be found blasting the tunes.

Holidays: If you want a lads’ holiday destination that you’ll know like the back of your hand within a day or two, then choose Kavos. It’s small, and it’s cheap. Cheap flights are easy to come by from most regional and major UK airports into Corfu Airport. Getting a round in won’t bankrupt you for the night either like in some European resorts. And you know what you’re getting when it comes to food too. Big portions, tasty grub and a three courser for under a tenner. Can’t say fairer than that! Make your holiday to Kavos even better value by going for a package that includes your events. Party Hard Travel offer a free Essential Events Package when you book a 2019 holiday with them, then you won’t have to give up your hard earned beer money for club and event entry once you’re in Kavos!

Hotels: There’s nothing worse than booking a boys’ holiday and realising you’ve booked a hotel right in the heart of family central. Luckily in Kavos, there are enough hotels that cater to lads’ and girls’ holidays. Here are our top picks for Kavos lads’ holiday hotels.

1) Quayside Village. A proper party hotel, Quayside Village is the kind of hotel where you’ll be downing shots by the bar with your mates, getting stuck in at the Champagne Spray Pool Party and chilling to the DJ’s beats by the pool. Located near the top of The Strip, Quayside Village is a brilliant hotel for your lads’ break.

2) Trabukos. Literally on The Strip, you can probably roll out of 42nd Street Bar (located behind Trabukos) and into your bed in minutes. And let’s be honest, that’s got to be a good thing on your lads’ holiday, right?! It goes without saying that it’ll be noisy staying here, but who wants to sleep when there’s partying to be done?

3) Kalypso. You’re a little further away from The Strip at Kalypso, so if you value your shut-eye then this hotel is for you. The quietest of our 3 picks, Kalypso has a pool and all those essentials like a kitchenette with fridge (for chilling those beers).

Event calendar:

Kavos Booze cruise Thursday/Saturday
Club Trinity (All Night Free Bar) Wednesday
Super Paint Party Saturday
Welcome to the Jungle Friday
Champagne Spray (Free Bottle) Friday
Holifest Powder Party Thursday
Baywatch (1 Hour Free Bar) Tuesday
Full Moon Party Tuesday
Foam Party Wednesday
Future Club Night Monday

Events package: Take it from us, getting an events package before you head out to Kavos will be one of the smartest moves you’ve made this year. Just by booking your hotel with Party Hard Travel, you’ll get the Essential Events Package with the Future Club Night, Jungle Party, Holifest Powder Party and Champagne Pool Party free. If you and the lads want more though, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Events Package and get the Kavos Booze Cruise, Trinity, Super Paint Party, Baywatch and White Party too!


1) Kavos Booze Cruise. Up for a rave in a cave and some good old Champagne diving? Course you are! Better get aboard the Kavos Booze Cruise with the other hot young things!

2) Club Trinity. One night on your lads’ break to Kavos has to be Club Trinity at Future superclub with all night free bar! An institution in these parts, in 2019 you’ll party to the likes of Tom Zanetti, Sigala, James Hype and more until the wee hours.

3) Super Paint Party. If you’re going to do a paint party, make it Kavos’ Super Paint Party. It’s the best in Europe. End of.

4) Jungle Party. Who wouldn’t want a jungle party on their lads’ break? This one is hosted by the legend that is Joel Corry at Future.

5) Champagne Spray Pool Party. There are some great pool parties in Europe, so for the Quayside Champagne Spray Pool Party to get the gold for being the best really says something. Free bottle of the bubbly stuff.

6) Holifest Powder Party. It’s R&B, retro and hip hop all the way at the Holifest Powder Party. You and the lads are going to look good when the powder starts flying.

7) Baywatch Pool Party. If The Hoff can still pull off the red shorts, you can too as you sidle into the Baywatch Pool Party. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron have nothing on you pal!  

8) Full Moon Party. The best place in Kavos to watch the sun come up is after club Atlantis, so throw in a Full Moon Party for good measure too.

9) Foam Party. Got to love a foam party. Get down and messy on your lads’ holiday at Atlantis on Wednesdays.

10) Future Club Night. This is how Monday nights shape up in Kavos. 3 hour free bar at Future superclub + party at after club Atlantis = Kavos all-nighter.