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Lads Holiday Travel Insurance

It might all sound a bit boring but travel insurance really is a must for your upcoming Lads Holiday. It’s absolutely vital you take out a policy whatever country you are visiting.

Should I pre-book my holiday events, or just worry about it when I get there?

Let’s be honest, you’ve read that advice and thought, “Nahhh it’ll be fine, I’ll sort it out when I get there”. You’d much rather not worry about it now. By not pre-booking your events, you not only alleviate the daunting possibility of doing anything productive with your day, but also means you can get back to taking selfies, maintaining your top knot, and considering your plan-of-attack for tonight’s Netflix and chill.

Lads Holiday Event Packages

Over the past few years there had been a trend towards pre-booking your events package for your holiday before you travel.  Gone are the days where you’d turn up on your 1830’s holiday, be taken into a room with plenty of free shots and sold the weeks redicuiously prices events package whilst you couldn’t remember what day it was…

There’s a couple of options, there are tour operators such as Party Hard Travel ( who operate to all the main reports, others which are resort specific such as Magaluf Takeover (  Both of these companies include the packages within their holidays.

A second option is to buy an events package to ‘bolt-on’ to the holiday you have already booked – this is probably the best option – as you’ll have picked up the perfect holiday and can just add on an events package to whatever you have booked.