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5 best resorts for a European stag do or hen do

5 best resorts for a European stag do or hen do

Tying the knot, getting spliced, making it legal…one of the lads is getting married and it’s only right to send him off to married life in style with a stag do. Back in the day, a stag do would be a few pints down at the local, but modern lads aim a bit higher with 2 or 3 nights in one of the European party resorts. The girls too- with a typical hen do seeing big groups of girls jetting off to party in Europe. Mixed groups of lads and girls are becoming more common too with the sten do! If you’re in charge of organising a stag do, hen party or sten do and wondering where to take the young bucks and hens, we’ve got 5 of the best European party resorts for stags and hens.

1) Magaluf. The stag do dream destination. A short flight from the UK, quick transfers from Palma de Mallorca airport and more bars than a whole raft of stags and hens could drink dry, Magaluf is party central. The Strip in Magaluf is legendary and the clubs too. Who hasn’t partied at the famous BCM? And with booze cruises, pool parties and full moon parties- you and the lads and lasses will have a guaranteed messy night every single night. And with the opening of new hotels like BH Mallorca, Magaluf is really upping its game of late- ideal for the stags and hens who want a bit of class too.

2) Ibiza. No list of European stag do and hen do destinations is complete without a mention for the one and only Ibiza. The home of superclubs like Eden, Ibiza is a mecca for hedonistic clubbers who want to party until the sun rises. It’s not just clubs though, as San Antonio in Ibiza is packed full of bars of every persuasion to keep the stags and hens happy. Gorgeous beaches, gorgeous girls and guys and seriously gorgeous weather- Ibiza is a belter of a stag do and hen do destination.

3) Kavos. If you haven’t thought of Kavos, Greece, for your hen do or stag party, then start thinking of it, because Kavos has a lot to offer. This little island in Corfu is one of the top party resorts in Europe and that makes it perfect stag and hen do fodder too. Around 3 hours’ flight time from the UK, Kavos has a Strip to rival any of the more established stag and hen destinations. Superclubs with world class DJs, bars upon bars with cheap drink deals and booze cruises and paint parties aplenty- Kavos is a killer European stag do and hen party resort.

4) Ayia Napa. At around 4 hours’ flight time from the UK, Ayia Napa in Cyprus is a little longer to get to than some of the stag and hen favourites, but boy is it worth it! Beautiful beaches laded with bars for daytime drinking, The Strip and main square with that holiday vibe, and stag do and hen party friendly events like boat parties and paint parties. Do yourselves a favour and get the girls and lads booked onto the Party Hard Bar Crawl- surely the ultimate stag party and hen do event!

5) Malia. To turn your mate’s stag or hen do into a proper holiday, make it Malia in Greece. Malia has the stag and hen essentials like a massive street full of bars offering drinks deals that’ll make your night, as well as clubs to keep the party going and events that the stags and hens will love like booze cruises, paint parties and pool parties. As stag do and hen do destinations go, Malia is great value too. And to make your stag and hen do even better value, check out Party Hard Travel who’ll give you a free Essential Events Package just for booking your holiday with them.


Why you need to get travel insurance for your lads’ holiday

Why you need to get travel insurance for your lads’ holiday

You’ve finally got around to organising your lads’ holiday to Europe and here we are telling you to sort out yet another thing- insurance. Yeah, it’s not as much fun as planning the essential lads’ holiday pranks or tracking down some red shorts for the Baywatch Beach Party BUT it could save you a mega amount of grief on your lads’ trip.

From one of the lads getting sunburnt ‘cos he passed out on the sun-loungers after getting in from the clubs and didn’t wake up until afternoon, to another of your mates going for the crowd dive at the boat party and doing his back in. Truth is, stuff can happen on your lads’ holiday. They might be small things like a dodgy stomach (mainlining the kebabs and booze was always going to catch up with you at some point), sunstroke or something more serious like a fall or injury. It’s always a good idea to sort out your travel insurance before you head off on your lads’ holiday.

Whilst Britain is part of the EU, the EHIC entitles you to free or reduced cost emergency treatment at state run hospitals within the EU. The EHIC is only for medical emergencies though and not everything would be covered. Do the sensible thing and get some travel insurance arranged before you step onto the plane. It could be the best £20 you ever spent!



What’s the deal with events packages for your lads’ holiday?

What’s the deal with events packages for your lads’ holiday?

There was a time when you’d turn up on your 18-30s lads’ holiday only to be plied with shots and sold massively expensive events packages by reps who were working on commission. Those free shots were good, but the massively expensive events packages were not so good. Not only that, with spends decimated by buying an events package in resort, it left loads of lads with empty pockets for their boys’ trip. Not ideal.

Nowadays, the party travel landscape has changed. Club 18-30 is out, and old pressure sales tactics for events packages are out too. The boys with nous buy their events package before they go on their lads’ holiday with operators like Party Hard Travel. Party Hard Travel was started by two lads who had a shambles of a lads’ holiday purely because they couldn’t afford the mega expensive events packages in resort. They decided they could do things better and since 2015 have been doing just that. They include a free Essential Events Package with every holiday booking, and offer upgrades, all available to buy before you go.

You can also buy events packages as a standalone to your holiday before you travel. This is useful if you’ve already booked your lads’ holiday independently, but still need an events package. Try Party Hard Travel again for a bolt on events package for your lads’ holiday to Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kavos, Magaluf, Malia, Sunny Beach and Zante.



5 body area to beef up for your lads’ holiday

5 body area to beef up for your lads’ holiday

Puny pecs and barely there biceps just aren’t going to cut it on your lads’ holiday. You want to be drawing cheeky little side stares and backward glances for the right reasons and that means putting in the work down at the gym. Like today. And regularly a few times a week until your holiday. If you want to beef up the right way, here are the 5 body areas to focus on.

1) Biceps. When you’re down The Strip with your best shirt on, it’s your biceps that’ll be making the introductions. You can work your biceps with the classic moves like the barbell curl where you hold the weight with your palms up and curl upwards. To really boost muscle growth, work your biceps alongside a triceps move like the triceps bench press where you put your legs on one bench and your fingers gripping the side of the bench behind you, lowering down using your triceps.

2) Chest. Every guy wants better pecs and never more so than when they’re on their lads’ holiday, where stripping off at Ibiza Rocks and down at the pool is the order of the day. Get working your chest with classic chest moves like the dumbbell bench press, pushing each dumbbell upwards into the air and back again in a controlled movement.

3) Abs. If there’s ever a time for your 6 pack to make an appearance, your lads’ holiday is it…and we don’t mean the Heineken variety! Get your abs looking toned with some strong abs moves that target different areas of your abs like leg raises (lower abs), heel touches (obliques and upper abs) and the plank (upper and lower abs).

4) Forearms. Whatever you’re doing on your lads’ holiday, those forearms are going to be on show so make sure you’re getting them into your training plan with a move like the wrist curl. Use the dumbbell and slowly curl the wrist upwards with palms facing downwards. Then do the same move but with your palms facing upwards.

5) Legs. Don’t be one of those lads that just focuses on their upper body and does no training whatsoever on legs. In fact, training on your legs gives you more stability and helps your upper body weight training. So it’s a win-win. Train your quads with plenty of squats with added weight. And don’t forget your calves. There are loads of pieces of kit in the gym to help with beefing up your calves. That Mr Baywatch Pool Party crown is 100% yours pal!



5 reasons to book an events package for your lads’ trip

5 reasons to book an events package for your lads’ trip

Do you really need to book an events package before you go on your lads’ trip? Er, yes! Unless, that is, you want to be that group of lads drowning your sorrows in Kevin’s Karaoke Bar whilst everyone else is partying at the resort’s best events and club nights. Trust us, we’ve been there and done it, and nothing tastes quite as bad as regret. Here are the top 5 reasons to book an events package for your lads’ holiday.

1) It’ll save you money. Booking events out in resort is the equivalent of buying a parachute when you’re about to jump out of a plane. You’re a captive audience and the touts in resort can charge you what they want. And let’s face it, if it’s a choice between another night at Kevin’s or wiping out your bank account to get a pass into the action, you know what you’ll be doing. Booking an events package means your events are sorted before you leave, so you only need spends.

2) You won’t miss out. The boat parties, the pool parties, the club nights…fact is, every event you and the lads want to be at on your lads’ holiday has a capacity. Once all the tickets are sold out, they’re sold out and no amount of you begging or flashing your Capital One card are gonna get you in.

3) Get the best events lined up. You might be an expert at where to go for a night out round yours but on your lads’ holiday, there is so much more choice. Go to an expert like Party Hard Travel. They’ve done the hard work and created events packages that have the summer’s hottest events in Europe included. You can see what the line-up is for DJs and artists right across the season at events like Malia Live, Ibiza Rocks, BCL and more- and get booked up. Simple.

4) Save time. Do you really want to be wasting precious drinking time knocking on doors trying to track down event tickets on your lads’ holiday? Nah, you want to be sinking a few daytime beers and getting revved up for the night ahead. When you have your events package booked, you don’t need to waste a minute.

5) You can budget. It’s tricky to know how much cash you’ll need on your lads’ holiday. It’s even trickier when you don’t know how much events will cost you out in resort. With an events package, that’s all taken care of. So no more roaming The Strip with wads of cash weighing you down, you can carry just enough Euros for the night’s drinking and work out exactly how much you’ll need for your lads’ break.

Do yourself a favour and check out Party Hard Travel for your events packages.