Destination: Ibiza is the failsafe lads’ holiday destination. Get your mates to San Antonio and you’ll be lapping it up in West End with its hundreds of bars. Just ask someone to point you in the direction of Bar Street, they’ll know where you mean! But the bars of West End are just the warm up for the main event- the superclubs- Ibiza has some of the best clubs and club nights in the world like Wonderland @ Eden as well as those legendary events like the Pukka Up Boat Party and the Ibiza Rocks Pool Party (get your best trunks on pal). It’s a rite of passage to party all night then watch the sunrise in Ibiza on the hallowed turf of Café Mambo. Like the clubs and bars, Ibiza makes mighty fine clubbing hotels too like the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ibiza Rocks Apartments and Red Hotel. With its 24 hour party scene, lads and lasses flocking from all corners of the globe to experience the one that is Ibiza and hardy sunshine, it’s clear why Ibiza just keeps on pulling in the punters.

Holidays: We’re not going to tell you that Ibiza is the cheapest of the lads’ holiday resorts, it’s not, but there are still ways to make Ibiza your destination for your lads’ holiday. First up, don’t get stung on events. Get a deal with a reputable provider like Party Hard Travel and you’ll get your party hotel sorted with an events package thrown in for free. With your events and hotel arranged before you even leave Blighty and the addition of some cheap flights into Ibiza Airport, you can keep your hard earned Euros for the good stuff. Cheers!

Hotels: You’re not going to get much sleep in Ibiza, but as pitching up on the beach isn’t an option you’re going to need a hotel and party hotels don’t come much better than the ones in Ibiza. We’ve got 3 crackers that we think you might enjoy!

1) Ibiza Rocks Hotel.Yeah, this is the hotel that hosts the famous Ibiza Rocks. It could be you carrying on the party in your room after watching the likes of Craig David and Lovely Laura perform around the massive pool in the centre of the hotel. Stay at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and you’ll be right in the centre of lively San Antonio. There’s more than enough to keep you and the lads amused right here at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

2) Ibiza Rocks Apartments. Want the Ibiza Rocks Hotel experience but just, you know, cheaper? The Ibiza Rocks Apartments are what you need. 300m away from the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, you can rock up there every day and avail yourself of the facilities then go back to your apartment when it’s time for a kip. We know you’re liking the sound of that!

3) Red Hotel. The best views and the best beats on the island. What more do you need to know? It’s spitting distance of the beach, right in San Antonio, has its own café….basically a good solid Ibiza party hotel for you and the lads to rest your war-weary heads.

Event Calendar:

Pukka Up Boat Party Tue or Sat
Ibiza Rocks Pool Party Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
The Zoo Project Sunday
O Beach Pool Party Wed or Sun
Wndrlnd @ Eden Saturday

Events Package: Everyone knows a lads’ trip to Ibiza can cost a packet but if you’re clever, you can do Ibiza on a budget. Party Hard Travel offer a free Essential Events Package with every holiday booking. The Essential Events Package for 2019 includes The Zoo Project, Wonderland @ Eden and the Ocean Beach Pool Party. If you want to ramp it up more, then upgrade to the Ultimate Events Package before you go and get the likes of the Pukka Up Boat Party and Ibiza Rocks too. The lads will thank you for this one!


1) Pukka Up Boat Party. The gorgeous Pukka Up dancers and DJ getting the party started. You and the lads need to be on the offshore dance floor of the Pukka Up Boat Party.  

2) Ibiza Rocks Pool Party. A pulsing mass of bodies around the pool going mad to the hottest artists. The line-up for Ibiza Rocks 2019 is stacked with the likes of Craig David and TS5. A definite for your boys’ holiday to Ibiza.   

3) The Zoo Project. You’ve never been to anything like this before. The raving seal pit. Loads of dancers. Painted bodies everywhere you look, and all in an old abandoned zoo. A full on day to night rave.

4) Ocean Beach Pool Party. O Beach in Ibiza is the ultimate day club. Like Disneyland for adults with classic Ibiza tunes, massive pool and something crazy going on everywhere you look.

5) Wonderland @ Eden. Get ready for mischief and mayhem as Pukka Up deliver their epic club night Wonderland @ Eden.