Lads Holidays In Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Overview

With less of a rep for big lad's holidays than its Mediterranean counterparts, you might think that Bulgaria's Sunny Beach had something to prove. Wrong. Sunny Beach is the hidden gem of the lad's holiday destinations. Groups of lads and ladies from all over Europe have had it right at the top of their list for the last few years and UK lads are just realising its massive potential. With clubs to rival Ibiza, hundreds of bars and the cheapness of a non Eurozone country, it really is a winner on all fronts... Sunny Beach has, you've guessed it, a decent sunny beach! Over 5 miles long in fact, so plenty of room for a game of footie. The resort also boasts a longer season than many other lad's holiday destinations, you can pretty much guarantee decent weather and a packed resort all the way from May through till September. So perfect if you're planning two big lad's holidays this year!

Bars In Sunny Beach

Although there is no obvious 'Bar Street', the entire beachfront strip of Sunny Beach is teeming with countless quality bars, but make sure you do your research before you head out, find the best bars to head for and work out where they are (or you could spend your first night stumbling around map in hand!). Favourite bars include Scandals (staffed entirely by girls!) which serves British drinks and shows sport; Shooters which is right on the beach and serves up some quality cocktails as well as organising footie and volleyball tournaments. There are also some great Dutch bars which guarantee a great atmosphere and a fun-loving clientele, check the Flying Dutchman, or Ballarmann Beach Bar for some proper Dutch mentalism!

Clubs In Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a truly massive resort, and consequently has some BIG clubs that will have you thinking more Ibiza or Ayia Napa than Bulgaria. The two most popular clubs are Revolution, which hosts big names and hosts Ministry of Sound nights, this is the proper clubbers option, with dance floor focussed fun, and Disco Orange, which plays hosts to some of the wildest nights anywhere in Europe and is a hotbed of up-for-it European lads and ladies every night of the week... Perfect! Room 2 is also a good shout!

Other Info

Sunny Beach 's Ratings...
Beaches: 5
Bars: 3
Clubs: 3
Daytime Activities: 3
Top 3 Things To Do In Zante...
- Ride the Bungee Catapult
- Drink in Sandals - Staffed By Stunners!
- Ministry of Sound at Revolution
Average Summer Temp...
28 °c
Typical Prices...
Pint of Beer: £ 1.5
Spirit and Mixer: £ 2.5
Breakfast: £ 5
Club Entry: £ 5
Destination Basics...
Country: Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev
Getting There...
Arrival Airport: Bourgas
Transfer Time: 30 mins
Passport / Visa Info:

Sunny Beach Map

Sunny Beach Hotels

Apartments Polyusi

A cracking hotel and apartments near the beach and the centre of Sunny Beach. Plenty of options for food and drink, in the bar or by the pool and they even have an Indian...

Apartments Bisser

Bisser Apartments are situated in the centre of the modern resort of Sunny Beach and 200 metres from the sandy beach. Handy for bars, restaurants and...

Fenix Hotel

Prime location overlooking the beach you couldn't ask for more as it overlooks the beach and right outside the door there a bars, restaurants and shops. You also have the swimming pool to relax by...

Royal Dreams Apartments

The Royal Dreams Apartments is situated in a decent area of bulgaria, 200m from the bars, halfway between the popular Sunny Beach and Nessebar.

In just 3 minutes you'll be at the...

Palazzo Apartments

The Palazzo apartments are quality accommodation for a lads holiday only a short bus ride from town, but also not too far to walk. They are two identical buildings which face each other.

Mariner Aparthotel

This huge, exclusive property is just a five-minute walk from the atmospheric nightlife of Sunny Beach.

There's plenty on-site to keep you going on your lads holiday before heading...