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Zante is the Greek party island to head to for a proper lads holiday in Greece. This sun kissed island is home to sandy beaches, extreme water sports, and a banging nightlife that has lads and ladies flocking to it from across Europe.

If you want blue skies and drinking by day, then wild bars and clubs by night, this is the place for you and the boys.
There is a massive club and bar scene for you and your mates to explore, which offers all the things you need to make sure that your lads holiday goes off with a serious bang!

You need to visit Laganas, on the south coast of the island, and home to some of the liveliest bars and clubs in Europe. As well as the amazing nightlife, Laganas is famous for having one of the longest beaches on the Med. At 5.5 miles, it's the perfect place for you and the boys to chill out on in the day, before warming up for your next big night out...


For a classic lads holiday - with a well-established scene and loads of bars and clubs servicing the masses of Brits who come here each summer to dance, drink and have fun, Tenerife has to be right at the top of the list.

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife also prides itself on giving you and your mates the largest possible holiday of your life. Aside from its phenomenal nightlife, Tenerife also has heaps of breathtaking beaches, loads of activities for the day, and you're guaranteed to meet up with other groups of lads and ladies with a similar agenda to you and your mates... Enjoy!

Sunny Beach

With less of a rep for big lad's holidays than its Mediterranean counterparts, you might think that Bulgaria's Sunny Beach had something to prove. Wrong. Sunny Beach is the hidden gem of the lad's holiday destinations. Groups of lads and ladies from all over Europe have had it right at the top of their list for the last few years and UK lads are just realising its massive potential. With clubs to rival Ibiza, hundreds of bars and the cheapness of a non Eurozone country, it really is a winner on all fronts...

Sunny Beach has, you've guessed it, a decent sunny beach! Over 5 miles long in fact, so plenty of room for a game of footie. The resort also boasts a longer season than many other lad's holiday destinations, you can pretty much guarantee decent weather and a packed resort all the way from May through till September. So perfect if you're planning two big lad's holidays this year!


Crete has over 600 miles of glorious beaches, but it's just one small town with a massive reputation that you'll be heading for: Malia. A legendary lads holiday destination, Malia is home to one of Europe biggest party scenes. Groups from all over Europe make a beeline for Malia every summer to get involved with the unbeatable nightlife, stunning beaches and to have the holiday of a lifetime with their mates.

Malia is a popular destination for Brits so there are plenty of flights from most UK airports. You'll fly in to Heraklion airport and it's then a 45 minute transfer to the resort. There are plenty of accommodation options and something to suit all budgets... If you just need somewhere where you and your mates can rest your heads for an hour or two each morning then you're spoilt for choice!

Malia is a prime lads holiday destination. With the perfect balance of great bars for early drinks, and top class clubs to head to after midnight, you and your mates will be guaranteed nights out that you'll be talking about for years to come... Check out our lads holidays deals to Malia and get the ball rolling now...


One of the original and best lad's holiday destinations, Kavos offers the ultimate Greek Island experience for you and your mates. In a bygone life Kavos was a quiet fishing village, so the town itself and the beach have plenty of character too.

The main strip goes off from early evening until the early hours, and then you'll find what seems like the whole resort rolling out of the clubs and onto the beach ready to watch the sun come up.

Then it's back home (yours or someone else's!) for a few hours downtime before heading to the beach for some proper Greek sunshine to get your head cleared up ready for the next session. Tough life!


If there's one lads holiday destination that needs no introduction then it's Ibiza. Undoubtedly the first destination to get a rep as the place to go with your mates, Ibiza is still considered by many to be the best lads holiday destination around.

With some of the undisputedly best clubs in the world, a 24 hour party scene,and a massive number of like-minded lads and ladies you'd be hard pushed to choose a more foolproof destination to head to with your mates.

The third largest of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza doesn't just have the best nightlife in Europe. It also has some of the most stunning beaches and sunsets, and the average summertime temperature is 26¬? - so you're guaranteed to come back with a tan for your next big night out back home.


Faliraki can lay a pretty decent claim to being the first ever lad's holiday destination. It was back when a lad's holiday generally meant a long weekend in Blackpool with your mates that a few groups of lads decided to think bigger, and Faliraki on the Greek islands seemed to fit the bill. Word spread and within a few years it was a Mecca for groups of lads and ladies from all over Europe after the same things, fun in the sun and BIG nights out.

The 'Faliraki effect' has now been replicated the world over, but Faliraki still remains one of the top summertime destinations for a lad's holiday. And the fact that it's been around for a while means that it does everything 100% right for a lad's holiday.

Ayia Napa

If you and your mates want a lads holiday destination that is a cut above many other resorts, then Ayia Napa  on the island of Cyprus ‚ has been giving groups of lads exactly what they want for the last few years.

With a massive number of clubs backed up by some top-class bars and pubs, and combined with some postcard-quality beaches where you can chill out in the day, Ayia Napa is a lads holiday destination that ticks all the boxes.

Ayia Napa used to be a tiny, peaceful, fishing village. Not any more - Cyprus has embraced club culture and the island now actively encourages groups to come here and party hard in what is always a destination with a good, friendly vibe, and lots of like-minded lads and classy ladies.


Majorca is a favourite holiday destination for many Brits each year, and for the ultimate lads holiday in the sun, you need to go to the party resort of Magaluf. The place has built itself a reputation over the years for welcoming lads and ladies from all over the world to enjoy the sunshine and the brilliant night life, but more importantly, to party like no other place.

Magaluf is home to some of Europe’s biggest clubs and attracts the best DJs and artists, like Calvin Harris. With many bars and clubs open 24/7, you get to choose when to stop or start your night out. There are some great beaches too, where you can relax in the daytime or do some of the water sport activities, or boat party before heading back out for a big night.


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If you want to get out of the country and go away with your mates without having to sit on a plane for hours on end, there is one nearby city that thousands upon thousands of Brits flock to annually which ticks all the right boxes for a classic weekend away with your mates.

Across the water from the UK is Dublin, the Irish capital and world renowned party city. It is one of Europe’s most visited destinations and it’s easy to see why it is also a stag party favourite. The Irish love to party and are some of the friendliest hosts you’ll ever meet! Bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, historical sites – Dublin really does have it all. To experience a small piece of the Emerald Isle for yourself, book up a Dublin lad’s weekend away...


Has it always been your dream to visit Slovakia? What do you mean, no? The chances are you may never have heard of Bratislava, let alone know what it offers a group of lads on the lash. Luckily for you though, this eastern European gem is emerging from the shadows of more well known destinations to take its rightful place alongside them all.

Why? Top notch clubs, busy bars and numerous daytime attractions make it appealing to groups of lads looking for a good time. As it’s less well known than other destinations, you can enjoy the city without hoards of fellow tourists and have first crack at the lovely locals yourself! The Bratislava natives love to party and there is nothing better than going somewhere mysterious and off the cuff – it’s perfect weekend away ingredients!


When thinking of taking a holiday in Spain, many people simply bypass most of the mainland and instead fly directly to the more popular beach resorts and party islands. But for a weekend away with the lads, the Spanish city of Barcelona is hard to beat. Whilst it is not as cheap and cheerful as some of the eastern European cities, it is still possible to party hard here without breaking the bank too much when compared to other top European destinations.

Buzzing bars, clubs and restaurants line the streets of Barcelona and you’ll also find some top class culture here to boot. What’s more, Barcelona has a reputation of being a food lover’s paradise. So if you want to stuff your face with food by day and drink by night, select a Barcelona package that suits your requirements and get your mates ready for the time of their lives!


Forget any preconceptions you may have about Germany. For a lad’s weekend away, the banging German capital Berlin has few rivals. It’s easy to reach, has nonstop beer on demand and a vibrant night scene to sample. All this combines to make this city a must for Brits looking for a good time, whatever the time of year. Dozens of attractions make the days pass quicker than you want them to, but at least that means the nights come around just as quick!

Think you can party? Try and match the thousands of other visitors who are there for the same reasons as you. The Weekend Club is one of Berlin’s most famous nighspots where you’ll no doubt end up spending some of the craziest hours of your life. For a completely off the chain weekend away, Berlin is the place to go.


Amsterdam is a Mecca for groups of lads up for a good time and no wonder. After all, you don’t get a reputation like Amsterdam enjoys for nothing. If you want an easy weekend away that ticks all the right boxes, Amsterdam is the place to go. You’ve heard all the myths and sordid details, and in just over an hour from London you could be sampling them for yourself. Loads of bars; loads of sights and loads of x-rated action 24/7.

Amsterdam is the city to be for groups of Brits looking for a weekend or holiday with mates. Whether you’re after nonstop partying or a more cultural experience, this city will not disappoint. In just a few clicks you could be packing and gearing up for the most outrageous weekend of your life.


There are some cities that you can’t really do justice with words, and Prague is one of them. Make no mistake; if you want a guaranteed weekend away that will leave you with tales that you can retell year after year, Prague is the place to go. It is central Europe’s most exciting city and is lad’s weekend away perfection. Although heavily populated with groups of Brits and other nationalities on the lookout for good time, it is still big enough to feel totally foreign and full of pubs and clubs that are free from tourists. Czech beer is cheap and is therefore drunk in large quantities, with daytime activities aplenty to keep you entertained.

Explore the historical Old Town, complete with castles and large central square. Then once the sun goes down, return to the same place and take advantage of the top class Czech bars and clubs that spring up out of nowhere. This really is a city of contrast – relaxed during the day, off the chain at night! Perfect for a weekend away with your mates!