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If you want to get out of the country and go away with your mates without having to sit on a plane for hours on end, there is one nearby city that thousands upon thousands of Brits flock to annually which ticks all the right boxes for a classic weekend away with your mates. Across the water from the UK is Dublin, the Irish capital and world renowned party city. It is one of Europe’s most visited destinations and it’s easy to see why it is also a stag party favourite. The Irish love to party and are some of the friendliest hosts you’ll ever meet! Bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, historical sites – Dublin really does have it all. To experience a small piece of the Emerald Isle for yourself, book up a Dublin lad’s weekend away...

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Other Info

Dublin 's Ratings...
Beaches: 0
Bars: 4
Clubs: 3
Daytime Activities: 5
Top 3 Things To Do In Zante...
- Visit The Guinness Storehouse
- Go Clay Pigeon Shooting
- A Day At The Races
Average Summer Temp...
22 °c
Typical Prices...
Pint of Beer: £ 3.25
Spirit and Mixer: £ 2.00
Breakfast: £ 3.5
Club Entry: £ 3
Destination Basics...
Country: Ireland
Language: Irish
Currency: Euro
Getting There...
Arrival Airport: Dublin (DUB)
Transfer Time: 20 mins
Passport / Visa Info:

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