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Has it always been your dream to visit Slovakia? What do you mean, no? The chances are you may never have heard of Bratislava, let alone know what it offers a group of lads on the lash. Luckily for you though, this eastern European gem is emerging from the shadows of more well known destinations to take its rightful place alongside them all. Why? Top notch clubs, busy bars and numerous daytime attractions make it appealing to groups of lads looking for a good time. As it’s less well known than other destinations, you can enjoy the city without hoards of fellow tourists and have first crack at the lovely locals yourself! The Bratislava natives love to party and there is nothing better than going somewhere mysterious and off the cuff – it’s perfect weekend away ingredients!

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Other Info

Bratislava 's Ratings...
Beaches: 0
Bars: 3
Clubs: 3
Daytime Activities: 3
Top 3 Things To Do In Zante...
- Go AK47 shooting
- Cruise on the hydrofoil to Vienna
- Go Mud Wresling
Average Summer Temp...
22 °c
Typical Prices...
Pint of Beer: £ 1.75
Spirit and Mixer: £ 2
Breakfast: £ 2.5
Club Entry: £ 2
Destination Basics...
Country: Slovakia
Language: Slovak
Currency: Euro
Getting There...
Arrival Airport: Bratislava (BTS)
Transfer Time: 30 mins
Passport / Visa Info:

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