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Amsterdam is a Mecca for groups of lads up for a good time and no wonder. After all, you don’t get a reputation like Amsterdam enjoys for nothing. If you want an easy weekend away that ticks all the right boxes, Amsterdam is the place to go. You’ve heard all the myths and sordid details, and in just over an hour from London you could be sampling them for yourself. Loads of bars; loads of sights and loads of x-rated action 24/7. Amsterdam is the city to be for groups of Brits looking for a weekend or holiday with mates. Whether you’re after nonstop partying or a more cultural experience, this city will not disappoint. In just a few clicks you could be packing and gearing up for the most outrageous weekend of your life.

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Other Info

Amsterdam 's Ratings...
Beaches: 1
Bars: 3
Clubs: 3
Daytime Activities: 3
Top 3 Things To Do In Zante...
- Hire an 'Amsterdamer' bike
- An afternoon at the Go-Kart track
- Visit Anne Frank's House and Van Gough museum
Average Summer Temp...
0 °c
Typical Prices...
Pint of Beer: £ 3
Spirit and Mixer: £ 3.00
Breakfast: £ 3.5
Club Entry: £ 4
Destination Basics...
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro
Getting There...
Arrival Airport: Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Transfer Time: 15 mins
Passport / Visa Info:

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