Should I pre-book my holiday events, or just worry about it when I get there?

Let’s be honest, you’ve read that advice and thought, “Nahhh it’ll be fine, I’ll sort it out when I get there”. You’d much rather not worry about it now. By not pre-booking your events, you not only alleviate the daunting possibility of doing anything productive with your day, but also means you can get back to taking selfies, maintaining your top knot, and considering your plan-of-attack for tonight’s Netflix and chill.

unnamed-5This, however, is a bad idea. Firstly, top knots look terrible. Secondly, there are so many advantages to pre-booking your events. You will save money for a start, so that you have more left over to spend on quad bikes and henna tattoos.

Last summer five of us went to Ibiza, and I spent over £1000 on the holiday. ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. It was beyond ridiculous. The people at HSBC must have been more impressed than concerned whilst they watched apocalyptic amounts of money leave my bank account. The worst part was that I hadn’t taken enough cash with me; so I had to use my credit card to pay for most tickets. This was another mistake. Unbeknown to me at the time, my bank charged me for overseas use of my card, and then there’s also the exchange rate that never fails to irritate British people. In short, upon inspecting my bank balance when I got home, I had to go into my room, close the door, and spent an hour in private reflection.

The truth is, if you’re planning a week-long bender in Europe this summer, you are going to pay a fair amount of money. These places aren’t cheap, and you’ll be surprised at how easily you can be persuaded to pay extortionate amounts of money to over-weight European men wearing kebab-stained vests.

For example, a couple of years ago I nearly spent €70 on a ‘boat party’ ticket, which turned out to be a 4-seater pedalo with an ice bucket containing Glens Vodka attached to it. Of course, I’m an idiot, so these episodes are to be expected of me, but the fact that you clicked on this website in the first place suggests that you have an above average level of common-sense, so use it!

We missed out on two massive events in Ibiza last year, because we didn’t pre-book our events. One of the events was a pool party where Avicci was playing, and the other was a huge boat party. By the time we went to the booking office, both events had fully sold out, and we had two nights of regret…well…seven nights of regret, but two of them were more regrettable than the others. The last thing you want to do is miss out on the biggest events of the week, and you don’t want to be wasting any of your nights whilst your out there, because the holiday does fly by.

We really should have pre-booked an events package. A lot.

You’re now probably thinking, “But I can’t be arsed to research this stuff, my top knot needs 24/7 attention” Fear not, I’ve done the hard work for you! Here are two excellent websites that will definitely interest you.

The first is, which sells events packages across loads of locations including Ibiza, Kavos and Malia! Their Kavos events package, for example, includes Europe’s biggest paint party and the infamous Kavos Booze Cruise…I’ve checked, the boat isn’t pedal powered, and it’s quite big.

If you’re heading off to Magaluf, then take a look at and get yourself the Takeover Wristband! This is an especially good offer if you’ve already booked your own hotel. You save over £250 on drinks and tickets etc. and gain access to seven huge events, whilst saving loads of spending money.

Both of the companies also include the packages within their holidays; so you can book the whole thing in one go if you fancy.

Whether its your first lads holiday or your last, pre-booking your events will not only save you a few pennies, it’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any of the best events going on around Europe this summer! Don’t do what I did. Learn from my mistakes.