Lads Holiday

Forget work, beefing up your pecs and all that stuff, quite possibly the most important job you’ve got to do this year is sorting out the lads’ holiday to Europe! You need a destination where you get maximum beer for your buck and full-on events for your euro, and yeah, some sunshine will do nicely too! Lucky for you, we’ve been there and have literally done it all to get you the lowdown on the only European resorts you need to consider for your lads’ holiday. Stick with us, we’ll show you the way to organise the lads’ holiday to end all lads’ holidays- this is it!

Lads Holiday Destinations

Ayia Napa

We’re lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it, we’re lovin’ it like this! One of the undisputed lads’ holiday resorts, Ayia Napa is the king of the clubbing holiday. Perma Cyprus sunshine, proper beaches for some daytime cruising and events that’ll blow your mind like Napa Rocks and Beach Cult Live. Get the lads to Napa for summer 2019 and be ready for pure banging nightlife.


Are you even a lad if you haven’t partied in Ibiza? There’s no better time to experience the delights of Ibiza than surrounded by your mates on your lads’ holiday. Superclubs like you’ve never seen before, epic DJ sets, legendary events like the Pukka Up Beach Party and Ibiza Rocks and yeah, maybe a bit of posing down on Playa D’en Bossa beach!


If Kavos isn’t on your list as a potential destination for your lads’ holiday, then you need to sort it. This corker of a party resort on the Greek island of Corfu has slowly cemented itself as one of the top clubbing destinations in Europe. Kavos might be small, but it’s still got some proper good clubs (like Future Club) and the kind of events you’ve been dreaming of. Champagne Spray Pool Party anyone?!


It’s an oldie but a goodie! The Magaluf Strip is where lads’ holidays are made but good old Maga has had an update too with more of the events you want on your lads’ break like the White Party (dig your white gear out- we know you’ve got some!) and the new adults only BH Mallorca Hotel complete with waterpark. Good grub and beaches too!


Ooh ahhh Malia. Yep, Malia is the lads’ holiday destination that’ll add the Flake to your cornet and the head to your beer! Another of Greece’s awesome party resorts, Malia is the place for big name DJs, solid clubs nights like Go Deep at Apollo and award winning events like the Malia Booze Cruise and Malia Live. Get the lads on board for shenanigans in Malia on your boys’ trip to Greece.

Sunny Beach

Eastern Europe is a great choice for your lads’ holiday and there’s none better than Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. Cheap and cheerful, Sunny Beach is a purpose built party resort filled to the brim with bars and clubs to sink some drinks. You’ll be doing the Full Moon Party thing, the chilling on the beach thing and definitely the bucket of booze drunk with a straw thing!


If you want to take your lads’ holiday up a notch, Zante is the place to do it! Zante doesn’t do boat parties, it does yacht parties- with free flowing drinks and the full VVIP vibe! Then there’re the pool parties, Zante Live and the kind of beaches that’ll make you pleased you schlepped down the gym every week for the past year.