Planning Your Lads Holiday...

We know planning your Lads Holiday can be an absolute nightmare, don't worry - we'll take care of everything!

From initial ideas, getting your mates to cough up the money, to making sure Dave gets on the plane with you (and his passport!) we'll get it sorted!

Planning Your Lads Holiday

Something To Look Forward To...

Get it booked up nice and early, you'll have an awesome lads holiday to look forward to in the coming summer

It'll motivate you to get through your sixth form/college exams, motivate you to get that holiday body when you're down the gym...

Something To Look Forward To

The Beers and Banter will be flowing...

There's nothing quite like the lads holiday with your mates - it's one epic time of your life.

It's hard to describe, but you'll certainly understand how awesome the 'lads holiday' is when you return home...

The Beers and Banter Will Be Flowing On This Lads Holiday

The Ladies Will Be A Plenty...

The Girls Holiday is just as popular as the lads holiday (we also run so we know the score!

The ratio's usually about 50:50 so we can guarantee you'll have an awesome time :) Whats more we can let you know beforehand who else is booked into your hotel...

Plenty of Girls on Your Lads Holiday

We know whats hot, and whats not...

All of our team are ex reps and really know the score, we'll let you know where the places to be and be seen are! We've got no 50yr old travel agents, just people who been sunburnt on every beach from Napa to Zante and eaten a late night kebab at every resort in between! It's what we do!

We're the Lads Holiday Experts

The Memories...

As we said before, the lads holiday will be one epic week of your life! The memories will stay with you for years to come, as you and your mates go their separate ways.

At the school reunion in ten years time 'Remember when Jonny .... on the lads holiday in Maga 2012?'...

Loads of Memories From Your Lads Holiday

This is how we do it



Mallorca Rocks, Magaluf

"Everything was taken care of by the travel agents, hotel, flights and transport from the airport there and back. Great hotel, perfect for a lads holiday, flights were at good times, agents kept in good contact, it was a great experience for our first lads holiday.

Some recommendations would be to maybe have a bit of an improvement to the website, as it does look a little bit dodgy at parts, to have an online payment option, and to have the option to pay in monthly installments would be good.

Thanks to the staff at lads holiday!

<< Added By Admin - Steve we've taken your comments onboard and implemented everything you suggested!"


Stevo2209 on 22/06/2013

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